Superheroes in the Classroom is a 16 week curriculum that’s designed for after school programs or clubs.   This program gives educators tremendous opportunities to achieve the broader spirit of the Common Core. During the program, students will be asked to investigate a health issue of concern, develop an argument around it, read more widely and create something that will circulate in the community that they will author and take responsibility for.

Classes will use Google’s educational tool suite to share documents, communicate ideas and work with the collective team to produce a finished comic.  The typical makeup of a team may include a group of 20 – 25 youth, a teacher or after school coordinator, health professional such as a Science, Health Education or Physical Education teacher and an Art Education teacher who can help students with artistic direction and creative expression.  Students can use characters from the Health Heroes’ brand or develop their own. The class should receive constructive feedback about their work after each lesson and share their experiences via blogs and social media.

If you are ready to give your class or group a super duper learning experience, please send an email to or use the contact form to get started today.